Power Rangers (Hulu)

I am torn. The first half of Power Rangers is terrible and they spend a ridiculous amount of time and lead up on back story that falls very flat. The second half, however, is aces!

The problem is definitely that I am an OG Power Rangers kid. The first half felt extremely labored because there was a lot of explanation with not enough fan service. They definitely tried but they didn’t put in quite enough “aye yi yi” for my taste.

The second half contains the meat, the battles, the fun stuff, the heartwarming corn.

I think this movie is probably fantastic for children who have not been exposed to the Power Rangers universe. I can see how this movie would illicit the same feelings of excitement for these heroes that the original series did for me.

At the end of the movie I had a huge smile on my face, so it’s 100% worth watching. I’d be lying if I said the Go Go Power Rangers song didn’t make my heart happy.

Additionally, Elizabeth Banks is a baller and I want to be her best friend.

Knock Knock (Hulu)

Knock Knock was weird as heck and really bad to boot.

Keanu Reeves, no matter what you think of him as an actor in general, was quite terrible in this role. He got to where he is fame-wise from choosing roles for himself much better than this I think.

The “moral” of this movie is insane. Cheating on someone sucks if you’re monogamous but that’s between you and your partner and no one else’s damn business. Additionally, am I taking crazy pills or is murder the more morally corrupt crime by a long shot? And rape?

I can’t even with this movie. Whatever clever thing it was trying to do failed horribly and it’s just awful. I only finished it because I have had some wine and I’m going to cleanse my pallet with Power Rangers.

My only possible positive from this movie is that I’d like to see the two crazy girls in some horror b-movies. They seem like they’d be fun in those types of roles. I’ll look them up on IMDB to see if it’s already the case.

Ingrid Goes West (Hulu)

Yup! I’m blogging again! I feel like I am in a place where I have enough spoons to write again and blogging is such a stupid easy outlet.

Ingrid Goes West was great! I was so excited to see it on Hulu’s movie list because I’ve been watching for it here and there since it’s limited release in theaters. I am a huge Aubrey Plaza fan so my love of this movie and everything she does should probably be taken with a grain of salt but it was a really fun dark humor flick.

I am also a sucker for a movie where the protagonist learns absolutely nothing in the end so this one was definitely made for people like me who have a “we’re all screwed might as well laugh on the ride down” kind of view on life.

Don’t watch it if you complain about people taking selfies and use the time instead to try to get over yourself.

Zombies Are People Too locations for cactuar minion FFXIV

I had a hell of a time finding just photos of the exact locations to find the dumb ass cactuars for this quest. I finally found a thread where Reddit user Jackel posted screens to imgur. First screen is mine showing where to get the quest to start:





Blow up the odd pot with firesand (don’t remember the dude’s name):



And here’s a shitty video I took on my phone of the dumb yet hilarious minion you get:

well crap (and other things)

I remembered that I paid for this. Hmm. I mean, it was only like $60 or something for the year but still. I really need to stop impulse buying, especially when it comes to blogs that I am into for like three seconds and then quit.

I am keeping my night shift hours all the time now. Or at least most of the time with exceptions when I have to do daylight people things like go to the doctor. It’s already helped a lot with my sleeping and energy. So if I don’t answer you over phone or text or whatever during the day don’t freak out. I’m just asleep.

I really should be playing FFXV right now, or really any other video game in existence, but instead I am sitting here refreshing the Server Status page for FFXIV every five seconds. Day one back playing FFXIV: I picked up a different work day and only got to play for an hour or two before work. Day two back playing FFXIV: server maintenance. WHY.

Tumblr was pissing me off so that’s why I’m using WordPress. I’ll just steal things from Tumblr and post them on Twitter. Screw you Yahoo. Also screw you Blogger. The comment system there is a travesty to the internet.

I’m off Zoloft now. I still feel a little weird but it’s hard to tell if that’s a Zoloft detox thing or a night shift thing. I’m hoping that my doctor (a) won’t yell at me and (b) will help me with losing all this anti-anxiety drug weight. It’s been hella nice having my higher emotions back though. Now instead of people thinking I’m a sociopath they will know I am just a very angry judgmental person who only cares about myself. Win!

So far I’m not regretting my decision to go off it. With therapy, incense, and a lot more tools in my chill-the-fuck-out box I feel like I can handle the down days. Maybe even the way down days. If all else fails the great thing about living an opposite life and only working three days a week is that I can give life the middle finger and pretty much just sleep whenever the hell I want to.

This year I’m going to try and switch a Saturday/Sunday shift to have a Saturday off at least once a month. I’m also going to start sleeping a lot less on Saturdays and Sundays. Then once I have some PTO saved up I’ll just take staycations here and there without the stress of doing a four twelves in a row to get the next weekend off. I gots dis.