Power Rangers (Hulu)

I am torn. The first half of Power Rangers is terrible and they spend a ridiculous amount of time and lead up on back story that falls very flat. The second half, however, is aces!

The problem is definitely that I am an OG Power Rangers kid. The first half felt extremely labored because there was a lot of explanation with not enough fan service. They definitely tried but they didn’t put in quite enough “aye yi yi” for my taste.

The second half contains the meat, the battles, the fun stuff, the heartwarming corn.

I think this movie is probably fantastic for children who have not been exposed to the Power Rangers universe. I can see how this movie would illicit the same feelings of excitement for these heroes that the original series did for me.

At the end of the movie I had a huge smile on my face, so it’s 100% worth watching. I’d be lying if I said the Go Go Power Rangers song didn’t make my heart happy.

Additionally, Elizabeth Banks is a baller and I want to be her best friend.