Knock Knock (Hulu)

Knock Knock was weird as heck and really bad to boot.

Keanu Reeves, no matter what you think of him as an actor in general, was quite terrible in this role. He got to where he is fame-wise from choosing roles for himself much better than this I think.

The “moral” of this movie is insane. Cheating on someone sucks if you’re monogamous but that’s between you and your partner and no one else’s damn business. Additionally, am I taking crazy pills or is murder the more morally corrupt crime by a long shot? And rape?

I can’t even with this movie. Whatever clever thing it was trying to do failed horribly and it’s just awful. I only finished it because I have had some wine and I’m going to cleanse my pallet with Power Rangers.

My only possible positive from this movie is that I’d like to see the two crazy girls in some horror b-movies. They seem like they’d be fun in those types of roles. I’ll look them up on IMDB to see if it’s already the case.